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1937 Aeronca K “Champ”

With its high–mounted wing braced with lift struts, an honest to goodness undercarriage, and dual control wheels, it looked more like a real airplane than its predecessor, the C–3.

In 1937 Aeronca was building 3 of the Model K's per day. The very first carload shipment of Model K airplanes went to the state of Washington; (6 complete airplanes could be crammed into a box–car.)

The Model K was also available as a seaplane on Edo twin–float gear. A tug–boat operator in the Seattle area used his Model K seaplane to direct his tug–boats during the day.

The K was soon on the flight line of many flight schools, and was an ideal airplane for flying clubs.


Length – 20’ 7”

Overall Height – 6’ 7”

Wingspan – 36’ 0”

Airfoil – Clark Y

Empty weight – 590 lbs

Cruising Speed – 85 mph

Landing Speed – 38 mph

Loan of Jerry and Peggy Thoutte

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Aeronca K under restoration