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1929 Curtiss “Robin”

The new Curtiss–Robertson “Robin” model C–1 was a 3 place high wing cabin monoplane powered with the 6 cylinder Curtiss “Challenger” engine of 170 hp.

In 1929 there were a rash of endurance flights requiring refueling in mid–air; Dale Jackson and Forrest O'Brine stayed aloft for over 420 hours. (17 days) That record stood until the mid 1930s.

The fuselage framework was made of chrome–moly steel tubing of square and round section that was built up in truss form. The pilot sat in a bucket type seat up front, and the passengers sat in back on a split bench–type seat that was adjustable fore and aft separately, to stagger the seats for more elbow room. The semi cantilever wing framework was built up of solid spruce spar beams and stamped–out Alclad aluminum alloy ribs. The fin was ground adjustable and the horizontal stabilizer was adjustable in flight. Two cabin doors on the right side made it easier to get in and out.


Engine – Challenger

Overall Length – 28’ 0”

Wingspan – 41’ 0”

Height Overall – 8’

Empty Weight – 1638 lbs

Cruising Speed – 102 mph

Landing Speed – 48 mph

Loan of Jerry and Peggy Thuotte

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