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Pilgrim, Model 100-A

Pilgrim, Model 100-A

Pilgrim, Model 100-A
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1931 Pilgrim
Model 100–A

The “Model 100–A” was really a direct descendant of the “Fairchild 100”. Fairchild corporate structure had its ups and downs, finally emerging as the American Airplane & Engine Corp.

In logical course of continued development, the “Fairchild 100” design was revived to set the stage for a very successful and popular design concept. The “100” design was modified and improved for even greater utility as a transport. The “Pilgrim 100–A” fairly bulged with carrying capacity for mail, passengers, and air–express, with only a slight detriment to the original performance. These big ten place monoplanes were delivered to American Airways.

Retired from airline service in the U.S. several were shipped to Alaska for use by Alaskan Airways and they were later bought by Pan American Airways for use on their Pacific–Alaska division.

The pilot's station, high up front, gives him a commanding view of his surroundings from take–off to the landing. Its broad wing could lift large payloads out of small fields and its rugged structure could withstand a terrific beating. All accessories and other components were readily accessible for repair or replacement.


Engine – Pratt & Whitney R1340 – AN2 600 hp

Maximum Gross Weight – 7750 lbs

Empty Weight – 4362 lbs

Cruising Speed – 118 mph

Landing Speed – 65 mph

Gift of John Magoffin

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Pilgrim, Model 100-A

Pilgrim, Model 100-A