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Piper J5A

Piper J5A
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1941 Piper J-5A “Cub Cruiser”

This was a three place closed monoplane that the factory advertised as “one of the finest light airplanes in the world”. It was great for low-cost air taxi service. No great shakes for speed but it did plod along in its gentle way. The J-5 is easy to fly well, fairly stable and honest. They are a dandy 2 place airplane, but pretty crowded in the back for two people.


Engine – Continental A 75 (Now C-90 -8)

Empty Weight – 760 lbs

Gross Weight – 1450 lbs

Useful load – 690 lbs

Cruise Speed – 85 mph

Stall Speed – 42 mph

Maximum Speed – 95 mph

Burns 4.9 gallons per hour

This was a gift to Port Townsend Aero Museum from Richard Woodin.

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Piper J5A

Piper J5A