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Porterfield CP65 Collegiate

Porterfield CP65 Collegiate
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1941 Porterfield CP 65 “Collegiate”

The "“Collegiate” as a trainer offered ample room inside, but in width it still retained the obvious Porterfield characteristic of being “slim as an arrow”.

It was popular with flight schools because it had adequate performance as a primary trainer and superior economy for a profitable operation. Tough enough for a little man-handling, it could recover hands-off from a 6 turn spin in one turn or less.

Approximately 400 were built and approximately 75 remain.

This particular aircraft saw hundreds of hours in WWII civilian pilot training in Niles, Michigan.


Engine – Continental 65

Empty Weight – 700 lbs

Useful Load – 500 lbs

Gross Weight – 1200 lbs

Cruise Speed – 98 mph

Landing Speed – 37 mph

This was a gift to Port Townsend Aero Museum from Paul Seibert.

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Porterfield CP65 Collegiate

Porterfield CP65 Collegiate